AngioPredict Third Consortium Meeting

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The AngioPredict team held their third full consortium meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin on 17 October 2013. The meeting was very successful and productive, with representatives from all partners in attendance.

Dr Annette Byrne (RCSI) chaired the meeting as Project Coordinator and host. Following Dr Byrne's introductory address, there was a short presentation and progress update on each work package, describing new research results and interactions between partners. At the end of each presentation the partners had an opportunity to discuss and engage on scientific and technical issues of interest. The meeting was a joint consortium and steering group event and so early career reseachers in particular enjoyed a valuable opportunity to share and engage with senior reseachers and principal investigators across the consortium.

During the meeting the group reviewed the administration of the project and the formal metrics in the Description of Work, tracking deadlines for upcoming deliverables and milestones. Specific tasks for the dissemination and exploitation work of the project were discussed. Dr Byrne also addressed the meeting on Intellectual Property, Ethics and gender balance.

The third constrium meeting was very productive and effective. All partners worked well together and there was detailed technical discussion on aspects of all WPs. Collaboration and contributions by the experts present helped to fine-tune next steps and identify further opportunities and avenues of enquiry.

The next full consortium meeting will be hosted by partner VIB in Leuven Belgium in October/ November 2014.

A selection of slides from the meeting are shown below:

Dr Byrne's introductory address


1) Dr. Byrne's Introductory Address

WP9 - Experimental initial conditions: Example of experimental model2)WP9 - Experimental initial conditions:
Example of experimental model
WP9 - Exploratory use of model (pre-bv phase): formation of necrotic zones by changing model rules


WP9 - Exploratory use of model (pre-bv phase): formation of necrotic zones by changing model rules