Angiopredict Annual Meeting 2014 (Leuven)

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The Angiopredict team held a successful project plenary meeting in Leuven, Belgium on 13 November 2014. Project partner VIB & Scientific Co-ordinator Prof Diether Lambrechts hosted the event.

The meeting proved to be extremely productive, in particular, focusing discussions on the 10 key project deliverables (reports) due for completion in 2015. The team also benefited greatly from the input of our external speaker – Dr Anguraj Sadanandam (Team Leader, Laboratory of Systems and Precision Cancer Medicine, Division of Molecular Pathology, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK).

The Angiopredict consortium will collaborate with Dr Sadanandam towards the assessment of potential differential response to combination avastin therapy in the context of newly elucidated colorectal cancer molecular sub-type data.