How Will AngioPredict Achieve Its Goal?

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 1) Utilise Samples & Clinical Trials

AngioPredict will first utilise previously collected tissue samples from patients receiving Bevacizumab combination therapy or chemotherapy for genomic analysis. This will allow for the potential predictive biomarkers to be identified.

In parallel, AngioPredict will also run its own clinical trial using Bevacizumab combination therapy, which will validate the predictive ability of the potential biomarkers identified during the project.

2) Utilise this information to find Predictive Biomarkers 

The bulk of the project's efforts will be directed toward putting clinical samples through a series of scientific tests to identify the predictive biomarkers. 

These tests will use the methods below:

  • Germline SNP Profiling & Target Validation
  • Somatic Mutation Analysis & Validation
  • DNA Methylation Based Predictive Models
  • Predictive Pharmacogenomic Expression Methods

3) Create systems to share information and create validated diagnostic tests

A central focus of the project will be to make its findings readily accessible to the larger scientific community, as they are ready. 

The Project will establish a BioInformatics Database & Exchange Portal that will allow for easy communication and analyses of data, and will also be implemented according to existing "genomics" standards. This will allow for the AngioPredict project to easily share its data with the wider research and clinical community.