Data Management & Analysis

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Data Management & Systems Based Analysis

ANGIOPREDICT will generate large pools of data. Two of the scientific work packages are dedicated to managing and analyzing data using state-of-the-art systems based approaches .

Work Package 8: Bioinformatics Database & Exchange Portal

A bioinformatics portal will be established for efficient data transfer between the partners and to provide a data alignment/standardisation concept that allows pooling, comparing and structuring data to facilitate data queries, transfer and joint analyses. The chosen database format will be implemented according to existing "genomics" standards. Therefore, it will be possible to make ANGIOPREDICT data readily available to the wider research and clinical community, governmental and industrial stakeholders, as well as to patient advocate groups.

Work Package 9: Integrated Analysis of Data Using Statistical Interference and Computation Systems Approaches

Statistical and systems biology approaches will be used to analyze and identify individual biomarkers and combinations of biomarkers that predict the success of combination bvz therapy in mCRC. In collaboration with all partners and based on existing knowledge in the field, we will establish pathway maps of endothelial cell proliferation/angiogenesis, tumor cell proliferation, and tumor regression at different levels of complexity, and will study the effects of somatic mutations and gene expression profiles on cell proliferation and cell death. Model predictions will be validated against in-vivo imaging data. Results of system analyses may aid in the development of multiplexed assays in the exploitation phase following ANGIOPREDICT.